Claro Up includes installment payments, yearly upgrades and insurance against accidents and qualified theft.

Claro, part of the largest telecom group in Latin America, has teamed with Assurant Solutions to launch an innovative new program in Brazil that will enable customers to purchase one of the world’s most popular smartphones through monthly installment payments and be eligible for a yearly upgrade. The new program, called Claro Up, launched Nov. 14.

Claro Up gives local customers the opportunity to purchase the recently released smartphone – both standard and plus-sized - in 24 fixed payments with the option to buy a new device every 12 months. In addition, the program provides insurance against qualified theft and accidental damage, including liquid damage.

“We are very proud to offer a new and compelling program like Claro Up in Brazil, coming on the heels of the launch of these highly sought-after smartphones,” said Carlos Zenteno, president of Claro. “Through this program, our 69 million customers will enjoy the best mobile experience available, combining affordability, security and convenience. The program makes it easy for customers to upgrade their phones every 12 months. To receive an upgrade, customers simply need to return their current smartphone in good condition. Claro will then settle the remaining payments and start a new 24 installment schedule on the upgraded phone.”

Claro also offers an additional service to Claro Clube Associates, members of Claro’s loyalty program, who can use their program points to reduce their monthly installment payment.

"We know it's important for consumers to stay connected through their mobile devices,” said Craig Lemasters, president and CEO of Assurant Solutions. “That’s why Assurant Solutions will work quickly to keep Claro customers’ lives running smoothly in the event their phone is stolen or breaks. Claro Up allows customers to enjoy the best of what these iconic smartphones have to offer while staying protected.”

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